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Default A couple of references


Here's a couple of numbers for rears you might want to investigate other than the regular Koni quoted numbers. I've used the Gabriel Ultra for a "comfort" ride, plus I had ready access to them at a good price so it wasn't a huge cost imposte to test. I'm happy with them in that ride context.

I also have Konis installed but I can't be bothered adjusting for that "right ride" so they're probably set a little too hard at the moment. I could probably get them per a similar setting to the Gabriels, but from what you've intimated, more coin for a shock than you need to dispense with I'm guessing.

It wouldn't take too much research for you to backsolve to other brands per MK's suggestions (which is what I did with the KYBs - I have no personal experience with them per sť).

Rear Shocks
AGX 743019
Gas Adjust KG5562

69676 Ultra
81841 Guardian

All the best, Tom

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