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Old 06-08-2017, 10:33 PM
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Default Pics

The pictures were added for the O.P.
I for one don't care what's is in the oil.
I was just saying​ I've used the cheapo stuff in a car I sold in a pinch. Since I've put it in myself with those crappy manual pumps believe me I've come out from under wearing it and smelling like it. Respectfully thanks for the chemistry but it's way off topic.

Now back to out regularly scheduled topic
My trac lock clunks once in awhile while making a slight turn. I added more of the L.S.D. goo and it's a little better but doesn't spin both wheels like it used too.

Best of Luck Ron be sure to get the AAA 200 mile towing and turn up the tunes.

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Old 06-10-2017, 08:38 PM
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Default Gear Lube

Spent most of the day talking to a half a dozen parts guys and mechanics, one being a guy who spends most of his time working on classic cars, I got 6 different I trusted the classic guy the most, and he uses Pennzoil 80W90 API GL-5. (see pic) This is a non-synthetic dino oil, as he warned never use synthetic oil in the older cars. I bought some from his supplier and came home with it late yesterday. Then I poked around on the internet some more and came across this article on GL-4vs GL-5 oil. The article is at This is an excerpt:

A traditional GL-4 gear oil of any given viscosity has about of the level of sulfur/phosphorous additive that would be in the GL-5 product, so the bond is not as strong, and therefore can be peeled off without peeling a layer of brass (or less brass). This means that the GL-4 product provides a little less extreme pressure protection, so in the differential of a high-powered car, it would not be the ideal product in the differential. To understand this need we should be aware of the fact that the differential is where the final torque is applied to the wheels (in most applications).But in the transmission, we should consider two factors:
�� Do to the fact that the differential applies the final torque, normally we do not need the full EP
protection in the transmission where less torque (about 30%) is applied.
�� We need to be able to break the EP protection to stop the spinning of the gears long enough to mesh them or synchronize them.

When we use a GL-5 product in a transmission that requires GL-4, we normally find 2 to 4 times as much copper in the used oil as we would with a GL-4 product (with used oil analysis). Eventually the synchronizers wear to the point that they no longer make contact with the other half of the cone, bottoming out before stopping the opposing gear.

Even though I have tremendous respect for the classic car guy, I got nervous about Pennzoil in my tranny after reading the above and ended up ordering the Brad Penn GL-4 classic dino oil from Amazon. I'm going to use this in the tranny. Now debating whether to use the GL-5 Pennzoil or the GL-4 Brad Penn for the rear end. I was told to use the friction modifier with both of them. I'm leaning toward the Pennzoil, as I drive fairly aggressively, my Tiger has about 370 hp, and I don't think there is any yellow metal to worry about. (shims maybe?) I've never taken a rear end apart so not sure if there is an issue.

Talked to a local Tiger owner at a car show this afternoon who bought his Tiger new, and has a hipo supercharged Tiger with ton of hp for many years, and he says he runs nothing but synthetic lube and has never had a problem. Maybe I'm fretting about nothing for the low miles I put on the car every year.

Any thoughts?
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Old 06-11-2017, 07:18 AM
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Default noise

Think about this. A lube with a GL-4 spec is intended for use with hypoid gears operating under moderate speeds and loads. The GL-5 is intended for use with hypoid gears operating under various combinations of high speed/high shock load and low speed/high torque conditions. This is the API Lubricant Service Designations for automotive manual transmissions and also for drive axles. I would suggest that you give this some thought based on how you use your car. I won't tell you what to use but let's leave it at this. I have been a lube rep selling to all aspects of the lube business for 30 something years and have been thru lots of training schools of all of the major lube companies so if you find a gear lube regardless of brand that meet the above spec based on how you used your car, buy it and use it. I use conventional engine oil in my trans and 80/90 in the rear axle. This is based on the use given to my cars. If you have a L.S. rear be sure to use the L.S additive.

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Old 06-12-2017, 06:05 AM
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As to the original question.
The description sounds a lot like posi chatter.
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Old 06-12-2017, 05:39 PM
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I have Brad Penn GL-4 oil being delivered tomorrow by Amazon and am going to use it in both the tranny and the rear end. The friction modifier will be added in the rear end. While my Tiger has a higher horsepower 332 cu in stroker in it, it is still a street car and I'm not racing it. If I decide to autocross more than the once every year or two at a United, I my reconsider.

I suspect my noise could be a clutch chatter as per the last post. I'll try to find some time this weekend to change all the fluids and see how it goes. This weekend is a big Vintage race event, fairly close by, featuring the Masters Historic F1 cars and hoping to take the Tiger.

I appreciate all the comments. I has been quite educational....

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gear oil

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