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Old 03-03-2018, 02:43 PM
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Default Resizing Photos for Dummies

I know there are no Dummies out there. Like the famous books employing this word in their titles, I wanted to let the readers be comfortable that every single step involved is explained in this post.

Since this section says it is for "How to's", I am posting here this new thread on how to resize photos for use on the Forum. Others have already given the information, but I am attempting to break down the directions step-by-step so that anyone using a Windows computer can do it, as long as they have Paint on their computer. If you have never resized a photo for attaching to your post, give this a shot and see if it works for you.

If you are using a computer on Windows, you may have the tool to easily resize photos for the Forum, by using Paint on your computer. I’m not talking about Paint 3D.

In your file manager, find the file for the photo you wish to resize. Right click on the file (or photo thumbnail) and move your mouse pointer over Open with >. In the window that appears, select Paint. If you do not see Paint listed, you are out of luck and this procedure will not work for you. Sorry!

Be sure the Home toolbar shows when Paint opens. In the section of the top toolbar titled Image, click on Resize. A new window pops up. Near the top, click on the round button for Pixels.

If your photo is wider than taller, type the number 1280 in the box to the right of Horizontal. If your photo is taller than it is wider, type 1280 into the box to the right of Vertical. After you have typed 1280 into the appropriate box, click on the OK button. Read the next paragraph before saving.

Since I always like to save my photos at their highest resolution, I will save the reduced sized photo under a different name. So next click on File on the left side at the top of the toolbar and move your mouse pointer over Save as and select JPEG picture. The next window allows you to select the folder to where you would like to save the resized photo file. Use your mouse to select or drill down to the folder where you want to save it. Then you can alter the file name (so you never mix it up with the file for the full resolution photo). I usually add a letter just before the dot (or period) in the name of the file, so that DSC05252.jpg is saved as DSC05252A.jpg. Then click on the Save button near the bottom of that pop up window and you are done. Congratulations!

Now that you have resized the photo, you can attach it to your post on the Forum.
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