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Default How To Register for this Forum

Registering for this forum can be done in 5 minutes. Here's a quick guide to help:

Click on the REGISTER button on the left side of the blue horizontal bar.

click on the box to accept the Forum’s rules.

To continue, click on the REGISTER at the bottom center.

Now you should be on the Registration Page
1) You’ll have to provide a User Name. Don’t be so cryptic that we can’t figure out whose posts we are reading. A first name with a last initial would be great.
2) enter & confirm a password. It’s case sensitive.
3) enter & confirm your email address
4) enter the test answer (Two Thousand Three Hundred Twenty should help you pass) (& you thought only college football players got the answers before...)

“Referrer”: if you have a friend known to the Tiger community that’s great or you can enter “forum instructions” if you want.

Time Zone & Auto detect your area’s daylight savings time status

Receiving emails: I personally elect to receive emails from administrators and other users. But feel free to do whatever you want.

Once you complete the page don’t expect to be able to post immediately. This forum has been remarkably spam free. That’s because volunteers examine every application and manually approve it (or not). This may take a few days or you may get lucky. Don’t hesitate to use the “contact” button if you think it’s taking too long. Once you are approved an email will be sent to you to which you will have to respond.

Big Hint once you do get approved and login, select the "Remember Me" box. This will automatically log you in when you visit the forum. Loging in will display the "NEW POSTS" feature in which only posts made since your last logged in visit will initially be displayed. This saves a HUGE amount of time as compared to searching every part of the site in checking for new material. My suggestion is to let the computer save you both time and work!

good luck!

at the beach

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