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Old 03-13-2017, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Warren View Post
Dawg get your facts straight. I know the car in question you don't. Some guys build cars their way. The Vendors regardless of participation on CAT are all welcome in the White pages and are free to sell on eBay .
The AC Housing's sell for more on eBay as it enables Sunbeam Specialties and Sunbeam Spares to sell for less than my eBay price, plus we sell for less here on CAT, TEAE and everywhere else that it's allowed.

Doing something right is relative to their taste for their modified vehicle and nothing more. Dale MDL and Bill Martin have nice options for someone who doesn't want to cut their car. When the forum postings are moderated it's almost always at a request of a director, they made the rules I'm just the cop hence my alter ego Lego good cop.

I believe I have my facts correct. In Jim's original post he was very happy with the TKO he has in his street rod and then he posted an add from the company that he bought it from. I merrily informed those that had not read the entire post that a stock TKO would not fit in a tiger without some serious machining and modification supporting the additional price over the stock out of the box TKO price. You took that and made into some drunken sailor deal that was way off cop or not it stinks

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Old 03-13-2017, 09:23 PM
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Default Watch out

For the little guy. In the multitude of threads we have on the subject it would be unrealistic to think that even a Nube Tiger owner would blindly click and order a transmission from the first link he sees. We appreciate your attempt to look after the little guy. What you fail to give value to is some guys will be more happy digging and looking for an AMC tail shaft and the satisfaction of doing it themselves.
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