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Old 09-22-2015, 02:47 PM
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Default Resize pictures for posting

Default Picture Resizing should be in FAQ
It's not directly related to CAT forum, but a number of users ask for this.

How To Resize a Picture

Any basic photo management program found on your computer will allow you to resize the image.

For Windows, the embedded (included) software is MS Paint or in Office (MS Office Picture Manager). MS Paint is easier for resizing, use that...

1) Locate your image file; usually best to keep on desktop (first page you see at startup)
2) Right Click the image file.
3) Scroll down to "Open With"
4) Select "MS Paint"
5) Once file opened, at top LEFT it will show "RESIZE",
6) Click PIXELS and make sure it is 1280 horizontal or LESS. (NOTE: IF a high aspect aka "Tall" picture, 1280 vertical or less. The picture will then change to the new size (temporarily, until saved)
7) Click upper upper left area and scroll down to "SAVE AS" (You may choose practically any format, jpg is most common, use that)
8) Rename file and click OK. (NOTE: If you do not rename, the original file will now be replaced by the new size file.)
9) You now should have a NEW file on your desktop.
10) Follow FAQ procedure to attach image to your post.
11) Enjoy a tasty beverage...


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