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05-17-2015 until 06-17-2025
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FORUM Policies – Please read.

The CAT forum has grown tremendously since it was first launched in 2009 and we thank all of you for being a part of this community. We make efforts for communication in this space to be as free and open as possible. In order to keep things running well and prevent problems, we require that you abide by the following policies.

By registering for the CAT forum, you agree to abide by these policies. They are designed to protect the best interests of this forum and its members. Please read them and understand them. If you have questions about these policies, feel free to ask for clarification by posting a thread in the Comments sub-forum or by sending a private message (PM) to any Admin.

This board is well known for people that speak their mind, say what they feel, and the debate that sometimes follows. If you're uncertain of how something will be taken feel free to lurk for a while and get the feeling of the board and the people here. If someone disagrees with an opinion of yours, do not take it personally. If you ask for opinions, you’re going to get them, both positive and negative. People ARE free to speak their minds here, but please keep in mind that when you are posting on this site you are effectively a guest in someone else’s home. Following these policies is not optional. If you refuse to abide by them, you will be as unwelcome on this forum as you would be in our house.

Forum management may choose to take away your ability to post here on a temporary or permanent basis either with or without notice for failure to follow these policies. The ability to post here is privilege, not a right.


• Be respectful of other members at all times. No threats of physical violence will be tolerated - NONE! You can be respectful even in disagreement. If you're talking about the person rather than the topic at hand, then you’ve probably violated this one. While being adamant in your beliefs is admirable to an extent, people are allowed to form their own opinion even if you don’t agree with it. Bullying of any kind is not welcome here.
• Do not post inflammatory information about religion, politics, or other sensitive topics on the board.
• Avatars or signature pictures of an overtly sexual, political, religious, graphic, or otherwise divisive/offensive nature are not allowed.
• Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.
• The person who starts a thread, otherwise known as the “original poster” or “OP”, may request that the entire thread be removed from the board by PMing an Admin. Removal is at the discretion of forum management.
• We reserve the right to remove offensive posts and pictures without notice.
• If you see something that you believe violates one of these, please PM an Admin.
• All cars advertised for sale will require the full VIN number to be cited with a picture of VIN tag or listing a TAC number.
• If threads are started in wrong section, they will be moved to the correct section by admin.
• Web links in signature: If you have a personal blog or webpage about your Tiger, you can post that in your signature. If you have a hobby or business selling Tiger related parts or items, you must become a vendor to post those links in your signature.
• CAT members may post for sale or wanted ads in the Marketplace section. To advertise your Tiger parts and/or services (professional or hobbyist) you must become a sponsoring vendor for a small fee. See sponsors section for details. All other marketing of parts and services will be removed by management.
• Only CAT members can post in the Marketplace area. All others can observe the area.

Forum management may choose to take away your ability to post here on a temporary or permanent basis either with or without notice for failure to follow these policies. The ability to post here is privilege, not a right.

These policies are subject to change, please check them periodically.

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